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Since childhood, Kenya has greeted each person with a warm smile and genuine interest. Her natural intuitive abilities give her deep insight and empathy with others. Her passion has always been to meet people where they are and encourage them to their next best step.


Kenya’s career has spanned 30 years in IT, business and marketing. Including multiple fortune 500 companies across several states and also several successful entrepreneurial endeavors. She is a natural leader, gifted problem solver and has implemented multimillion-dollar projects on time, on budget and exceeding expectations.


On the home front Kenya raised 4 children, divorced but creatively co-parenting with their dad the past 20 years. Many of Kenya’s deep passions grew out of meeting the challenges and needs of her family. As each challenge came, she would reach out to experts, read, study, analyze and problem solve until she was able to create the change, meet the need and best guide her family.


Whether in business, home, school, volunteer or other contexts Kenya has always taken the time to stop and really listen to and guide others. With this personal commitment, she sought out the wisest mentor for training. She has been in consistent, professional training the past seven years with world-renowned teacher and Hay House Author, Sonia Choquette receiving her highest certifications. Kenya will continue her education across multiple modalities always open to learning and evolving.


The variety of services and training offered by Kenya have the same fundamental goal: To empower You to discover your own strength and creativity from within. To tune in and turn on your intuition, your very own Divine Guidance System… and TRUST it!!

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