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Class 1: Energy Vampires and how to Protect Your energy.

Ever start off having a great day and by lunch you feel like you've been beat up and you don't even know why?  

We will learn:

  • How the energy around us and of other people impact us

  • How to protect our energy field and that of our family and home

  • How to ground our energy

  • How energy and intention work together to manifest

Class 2: EGO vs Intuition

How to know the difference

Trusting your vibes, your gut, your instincts is VITAL to living your best life.  Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

We will learn:

  • How to recognize the difference between Ego and Intuition

  • How to raise our awareness of signs from our Guides and Angels

  • How to develop our intuition

  • How to be a clear channel to receive guidance

Class 3Angels, Guides and Elementals-Meet your Team!

Sometimes we feel all alone in this world.  But we never are.  There is a huge team supporting us!

We will learn about

  • Arch Angels and their purpose

  • Guides and the different types

  • Elementals and their special purpose

  • Working with Guides and Angels

  • Meeting your Guides and Angels

Location: Garden of Eden Studio

Coming soon!

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