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Manifesting Myths – Law of Attraction, what it is not.

We all hear a lot about the law of attraction these days. And it is an awesome and important universal law to understand! There are also some sound bytes the media, especially social media has propogated that aren’t entirely accurate. Mostly, because they are shared out of context.

A lot of people are afraid that every time they have a negative thought or say something negative that they have in effect ‘jinxed’ themselves. This is taking the concept of the Law of Attraction a bit too far. To better explain you need to understand intention.

Behind words and thoughts are feelings or intentions. It is here where the attraction takes place! The energy behind the words and thoughts. Empty words whether for good or ill carry very little energy and thus very little attraction. When you feel something deeply. You intend it. You visualize it. You can really see it happening. That is intention and stated to the universe it most definitely can attract like energy to it. The key here being ‘like energy’. This is the part where you do want to be aware of what you are feeling and how that is expressed.

Bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings is a really big deal! I wholeheartedly encourage it! You do not however, need to beat yourself up for every thought that crosses your mind or word that passes your lips. Just slow down, take a breath and tune it to your heart. Then do your best to let your actions and words reflect that.

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