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Kenya's Favorite Books and Stuff!

If you've met me you know that I am ALWAYS excited about a book I just read, product that just made my life SO much better or amazing food I just ate!

FINALLY, after years of searching for an easy way to share this stuff in a way that I could keep the list current and easily update it . . . I have found the solution!

Enter Amazon. I am a huge advocate for shopping locally and always check that first. However, Amazon has its place. And you can check out my fave's and still find them locally in many cases. And of course, for books don't forget your local library! What I love about this is being able to share books and stuff I love!

To create and organize my stuff, I became an Amazon Affiliate. Thus, if you do click through from my selection and buy something I will receive something. You can browse my stuff and then just search from your Amazon and buy it if you prefer I not receive a benefit. Either way is totally fine with me!

Coming soon is a list of stuff that is not on Amazon and a List of local businesses and restaurants that I love. Also, I'm adding to my collection every day.

Here are links to specific categories!

Happy Browsing!!

I love feedback, please let me know what ya think!

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