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Grateful Granny Goodies

This is a quick tip to find the perfect hug anytime, anywhere you need it! It relieves stress, slows down anxiety and may even result in a smile :).

Take a moment and search back in time to that person who always welcomed you with open arms, a big smile and maybe cookies too! For me it was my grandma. No matter what was going on in our lives she was always happy to see me and made me feel safe and loved. Picture that person in your life that was happy, had just the right word or cookie at just the right time. You always knew when you saw her that there’d be a great big hug! Take a moment and really embrace this memory and the FEELING of it. Joy, love, warmth, connection whatever word resonates for you.

Now, lets give this experience a name. Grateful Granny works for me but you choose what works for you. Merry Mom! Awesome Aunt! Best Bud! Don’t think about it too much just let it come.

Anytime you need a hug and there is no one around to give you one, just close your eyes, take a slow deep breath and feel Grateful Granny, really remember that feeling in your heart. Take one more breath and drink it in!

You now have an other secret weapon in your tool box to find gratitude anytime, anywhere.


  • If you want to take this a step further here are some ideas:

  • Journal what you loved about this person and use words that describe how you FEEL.

  • Write this person a letter (not an email, an real live hard copy letter or card) and thank them for their impact in your life. (An email is better than nothing but try for the card)

  • Find someone in your circle of friends that is struggling and walk them through this exercise so they’ll have their own secret weapon.

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