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Creative Chaos

Exercise to get the thoughts out of your head and into something you can grasp.

Ever have one of those moments or days where you mind is SO full of thoughts, ideas and to do list that you go in circles and feel liken nothing gets done? I certainly have and over the years have developed several tricks to help me through this. One of these is a Poster Prime!

What in heck is a Poster Prime? It’s a great way to get a visual of what’s in your head. Sounds kind of scary right? J


I always have the big 3M Poster StickyPaper on hand but you could easily do this with any paper you have on hand and pens, markers, crayons whatever is available.


Just start writing every thought, idea that is in your head! No filtering! This is important. This is NOT a to do list. This is a dump of all that stuff on to paper. I like to write in different colors and sizes of words. You may prefer to just list it in a spiral notebook. But I would encourage you to try the bigger paper and colors. That brings out the kid in you and helps the process.

NEXT, 2 options

  1. Walk a way for a bit. Do a chore, reply to an eamil, do a 1 minute yoga pose, whatever.

  2. Stand back and look at it and see what pops out at you.


Results vary by person and by each time that you do this. At the very least it goes along way to unclog the mental chaos. Often times it brings to light exactly where to start or shines the light on something you had missed.


If you are in a particularly cranky mood and have a lot of negative stuff that is better off released it may work to burn the paper in a releasing ceremony. There are other ways to focus on what needs to be released and is not the purpose of this exercise but sometimes it does come out that way.

This is also a great exercise for brainstorming new ideas, titles, headlines, party plans etc. Just remember No Filtering! Write everything thing down that pops up.

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