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Releasing Ceremony

There is a reason rituals are found throughout every culture and all ages of history. As humans we are creatures that enjoy habit and familiarity. Having said that it is important to note that we don’t need big lavish events to have a ritual. They can be extremely simple. The key is always to do what feels right to you.

There are many wonderful blogs and videos on Releasing Ceremonies across the internet. The sky is the limit on how to go about it. Here is a very straight forward simple outline to get your started. Please play with it and swap out with items, words or sequence that works best for you.


  • Pen or pencil

  • Paper cut/torn into strips

  • Lighter

  • Safe place to burn paper (fire pit, BBQ, cast iron kettle with lid etc.)


  • Meditate or take a few long slow breaths with your eyes closed

  • Think of 1-3 things you are truly ready to release and let go of for good

  • Write 1 down on each slip of paper.

  • Think of 1-3 things you feel you want to invite into your life

  • Write 1 on each slip of paper

There is no rush but whenever you are ready read out loud (or in your head) each slip of paper, place in burning vessel and light it.

As the flames go up take a deep breath and let it go. It is being released back to the earth and it is done. Repeat for each strip.

Next as you burn each strip of what you are inviting, breathe deeply into your heart and be open to receive that which you are inviting into your life. And so it is.


  • Mark a time on your calendar, make a date with yourself to do this.

  • Invite friends or family to join you!

  • Where a special shirt or dress each time that makes you feel awesome!

  • Create an altar for your ceremonies. Again this can be very simple and even portable.

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