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New Moon Manifesting!

The New Moon is the perfect time to set an intention for something you want to bring into your life.


2 candles

Clear Intention for what you want


Keep this as simple or as elaborate as you want. There is not right or wrong. Here is a suggested format.

Ground your energy, clear your mind and find a quiet place that has special meaning for you. This could be on your deck, in your bedroom or any place you feel safe and at peace.

Take the first candle and as you light it think back on all that has brought you to this moment. In the context of what you are asking for. Do this with kindness and compassion acknowledging all the good you have done and progress you have made to this point.

Take the second candle and as you light it clearly set and state your intention. What is it you want to manifest over the next few weeks? Be as clear as you can. Visualize, feel it, state it.

Over the next 2 weeks take a few minutes each day to light each candle. 1, remembering and honoring what has brought you to this point. 2, stating what you are brining in now.

On the full moon (or within a day either way), Light candle 1 and then bring candle 2, to candle one. As the flames unite you are releasing the past and stepping into the now that you have manifested. As always, pause for gratitude.

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